Spending money on things I want

I’m fairly good at saving money and paying down debt. I’m terrible at spending money. Since I haven’t been given a raise at work, I tell myself I can’t spend money on the things that I really want because I don’t deserve them. I used to be an impulse spender and now I don’t impulse spend at all. I do save and plan ahead for purchases, but this feels neutral to me. It’s an accomplishment to me that I can plan all my purchases over $10. I just never spend spontaneously anymore and I hesitate to buy new clothes because I’m afraid of making a mistake with my money. I’ll look at something I want to buy over and over again and then I just forget about what I want to buy or I never buy it. Later I tell myself I didn’t really need the thing otherwise I would have purchased it. I just never purchase anything for myself to treat myself if I don’t need it. I’m very hesitant to spend money now that I’ve gotten good at saving. I don’t want to become a hoarder.