Spending time in a model, and pointer to curriculum

Context first, then my two questions. In several different 20-minute private coaching sessions I have been invited to “spend more time in a model.” (These were unintentional models, with negative emotion, if that’s not obvious LOL.) I can think of two ways to spend more time in a model: a) allow the feeling, and b) write other models that relate strongly to the initial model. By “write other models” I mean that sometimes the T/F dyad that produced the initial model has other thoughts and feelings strongly related to it, and I imagine that writing these other models, and allowing those feelings, might be a way of “spending more time in the model.” Besides these two actions, are there other ways to spend time in a model? The model relates to life-long patterns of people-pleasing and lack of boundaries, patterns which I am eager to change. Do you have a pointer to one or more curricula in the study vault that relate to this question? I have spent time in the relationships module and am curious if I should also be exploring “mastering emotional well-being.” Thank you.