Spending time with kids – bored

Hi, I find spending time with my two daughters, 7 and 5, (I also have a son, 2.5) boring and stressful. I don’t like what they want to play, they fight a lot with each other, they are noisy, they make a mess. Luckily the girls are at school each day, so I only spend breakfast and prep time before school, and time after school, and the weekends, with them. Spending time with my son doesn’t trigger the same thoughts. I think he is cute and fun and a lot less demanding, and he makes me laugh.
I feel guilty for having these thoughts and feelings. My thoughts are ‘I am a bad mum because my daughters bore me’ and ‘They will notice and will be scarred for life.’ Now I could change my thoughts in the following way:
It is ok to be bored. You are a mother who sometimes feels bored and that is 100% ok.
But I find it very hard to accept this, or believe these thoughts. Should I try making time together more fun, fun for me? But I can’t think of many ideas. Could you help me?