Spinning about my day

I have the day off and am having thoughts that are creating anxiety. Here are my models:
Unintentional #1
C: day off
T: I need to make the most of my time
F: anxious
A: spend time on social media, try to look up plans, spend time worrying about what to do
R: I waste my time

Unintentional #2
C: day off
T: I don’t know what to do
F: insecure
A: look up ideas, get stuck in analysis paralysis, do the same things we always do, I don’t think of new ideas
R: I don’t create a plan

C: day off
T: I can come up with ideas of what to do
F: open
A: be curious about what feels fun today, stay open as the day unfolds
R: I create a plan for my day