Spinning and need some help

Okay, so I am freaking out over my business – this isn’t a business question specifically, so I’m posting it here. I’m doing a decent job of telling myself that I can feel the feelings and I can handle it, but I really want to buffer with pretty much anything.  I’m panicking that I don’t feel like I have a valid niche.  I always hear health, wealth, or relationships.  But my niche is more ‘personal development’ in general.

I have another business I started that’s not really working yet but is very close that does career transition coaching for mid-career professionals who want to get a promotion or change industry.  My thought is that I could try to blow that up – really start doing ads and social media for it, and on the side start another blog that would be on my personal development stuff.  I feel like I’m looking for “permission” to do this.  I feel like I am so afraid of “getting it wrong”  Maybe this is the perfectionistic part of me? Open to any feedback or help.  I’m really struggling.