Spinning on delivering news

I can’t shut my brain off in regards how to deliver the news to my teachers that I’ll be stepping down as district supervisor of instruction back to the classroom. This moved more quickly than I expected and it will be on the board agenda for approval on 2/7. I’m thinking of a way to deliver the news in person to all of the schools within the same day. I don’t know how to gather the teachers. I don’t want to send an email because I feel like I owe it to them to tell them in person. I’ve been their supervisor for 12 years but word travels quickly between schools and I am concerned that there will be several teachers upset and also confused because they like having me as their boss and also because it’s a 50,000 salary decrease to go back into the classroom.
I don’t want to have to explain myself though. I felt like my job had very little to do with educating students and that’s what I really enjoy doing. It took me a while to make this decision and now, yet another hurdle.

C-delivering news to teachers that I will be stepping down from my position
T-I feel like no matter what way I do it, it won’t be right.
A-spin on the perfect way to do it
R-exhausted; can’t sleep; no solution

I guess I want the A line to be: I deliver the news.
R-it goes flawlessly

I’m not sure of a good T to practice thinking instead.

I guess I could use it as an opportunity to have my back. No matter how I do it will be the best and perfect way, but that’s not believable for me right now. Add an “it’s possible that.”