Spinning out

Hi coaches,

I cannot seem to reel in my brain and to stop feeling so much anxiety. I have written in before that I had decided to move in with my boyfriend and my brain is losing its shit. I’m afraid I’m about to sabotage myself and my relationship. I listened to the How to Feel better and there was a woman who was talking about being confused about getting married and I feel just like that.

I’m afraid it won’t work out. I’m afraid I won’t be happy. I’m afraid he’ll reject me. I’m afraid I’ll lose myself and my job. I’m afraid I won’t be good enough. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make myself happy. I’m afraid I’ll lose my friends. I’m afraid he doesn’t really love me. I’m afraid this isn’t really real. I’m afraid to get hurt. I’m afraid I’ll change my mind and “need” to leave. I’m afraid he won’t understand how I feel. I’m afraid he’s not the right person for me.

I want to be happy with him and I cannot stop this madness in my brain.