Spiral Thoughts-Help!

Hi Brooke,

So I have discovered 2 things. One is that when I make an exception, it is like an avalanche for me. A little to start and it keeps rolling until I am completely off protocol. One cookie, then turns into coffee the next day, which turns into a piece of chocolate, which turns into a bigger craving. The second things is that when I go on protocol it does not push me into fight or flight mode. HOWEVER, the moment I decide to do something like, No eating out all of March, only spend on bills and necessities…. I get crazy. My impulse brain starts firing thinking of all the last meals I need, and all of the food I am going to miss out on and how I should go get Chinese food now if I am never going to have it again. Or if it is regards to spending I need to buy all the things.

I am in the Masterclass and just got through Month 2. At the start of Month 3 you say if you are still struggling to stick with Month 2. Can I just say GENIUS. I want to power through but I am not there.

What would be the best way to help me stop this spiraling. Sticking to a 24 hour commitment to myself to stop this freak out impluse of consuming all the goods I won’t be able to have anymore? Which is silly because once I give in I never give it up…. it just keeps going.

Any help would be appreciated, worksheet advice, etc?

Thank you!