Spiritual awakening and letting go

I have been in a lot of emotional pain for a long time, much of it (if not all) I think is due to my resistance.

I have stopped most kinds of buffering and a LOT of emotional pain has come to the surface. I try not to resist it, but I do. I know because it persists.

I think I see why none of my self help work has felt like it has been “working” – and it’s because I have been refusing to “let go” of my stories of how things are supposed to be. I keep trying to “make” life happen the way I want it to, and the problem is that sometimes it works. But it doesn’t make me happy.

I think I am just afraid of what would happen if I let go of my conception of how things (circumstances) have to be in order to make me happy. Changing my circumstances hasn’t worked.

A spiritual mentor of mine has told me that this is because I cannot let go of trying to make life be what I think I want it to be. They said that I’m not trusting the universe – which is absolutely true. I’m not trusting the universe.

What are the Life Coach School’s thoughts on trusting the universe and “letting go”? On one hand, it feels like Brooke’s saying “don’t let go just change your thoughts and whatever you want will come”, but maybe that’s not accurate? I know Brooke is I to Abraham, so…I’m just trying to piece together the letting go / trusting the universe part of all this from the perspective of the model.