Spirituality and the Model

So, I know that Brooke (and the model) must be spiritual, since I am very familiar with her influences, including Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle and Abraham.

I am confused between when to “surrender” to the present moment, as Pema and Eckhart teach, and when to “change my thoughts”.

I kind of think that the “brain” is the “ego”. So from that perspective, I can totally see that the model is all about witnessing the ego, and choosing something different. But, isn’t that ‘choosing’ ALSO from the ego? If what we are is timeless, boundless, energy (or Spirit), isn’t ALL of this really coming from the ego?

Does true spiritual surrender make “plans”? My understanding is that surrender means total 100% acceptance of what is in the moment (aka reality), which is what Byron Katie teaches. But isn’t wanting something to be different the OPPOSITE of 100% accepting what is?

So confused!