Splitting time / focus; job hunting / building business / family & health

I am seeing the other side of health setbacks and need to add income to my life. I am excited to advance my professional life again after health issues for me and my husband, and me being in a primary caretaker role for many years. However I find it difficult to envision the future I want fully and declare my path and work towards it — instead of narrowing my options, I have kept too many open to “see what works” and now my focus is split between
a) rebuilding business
b) Job search
d) family responsibility

I am finding hard to set boundaries on my focus and time.  I am committed to a business project that’s been in the works for some time & is on the cusp of working out — if I focus on it enough. No matter what, I want to take it to the next step to see it succeed, or fail, but to at least see it through from idea to reality. I am almost there with that.

At the same time my husband only wants me to be focusing on finding a job so we have predictable income and stability, which I agree is needed. I don’t share the details of my business progress or job search that often because it’s annoying to me how many opinions he has about my time, focus and choices — which is still expecting me to show up a lot at home.

I have applied to some jobs that seem good overall, but I’m concerned that by becoming a full-time employee I won’t have the flexibility I need to deal with my health concerns that can still impede my productivity. I’ve wondered if a small, menial type job that isn’t career building could ease some of that pressure I am putting on myself to perform and provide structure & stability.

I want the next few months and years to feel like I’m advancing my career by tangibly growing my professional contribution to the world while also growing my earning capacity, which I’ve neglected. Even if I get a job that feels good I know I’ll will still need to create, connect, share, add value in my own way. I want the space to be the parent my 11 year old ADHD son needs & be present for my teen too. I want to keep growing in love with myself and my husband because we made it through difficult times.

At this point, what types of thoughts could I be considering so I can fully choose my career path — I feel like I need to narrow things down but also feel it’s premature to close the door. I’d love some help untangling the fears and doubts in this so I can write my new story.  Thanks!