“I don’t want to sacrifice spontaneity” jumped out from a thought download as a particularly unhelpful thought. Can you help me go through my models on this one? I can’t seem to make the Rs line up naturally with the Ts.

UM –
C: Finite time
T: I don’t want to sacrifice spontaneity!
F: Panicked
A: Reject calendar, prevent deep thinking and choosing, worry about how boring I am.
R: I sacrifice deep experience that only comes from thoughtful action. (this seems like an opinion though?)
I sacrifice the full range of experience possible.

Or put another way –
C: Finite time
T: I want to choose to do what I want, in the moment I want it.
F: Defiant
A: Reject planning, buffer from indecision, choose the easiest thing in the moment because that’s what the lizard brain pushes for.
R: (Lots!) My choices are limited by lack of committment.
My choices only take into account that moment’s wishes.
I don’t plan ahead to show myself a range of things I want.
I only do what I can think of to do in the moment.
***I don’t choose to do what my prefrontal cortex wants.***

IM –
C: Finite time
T: By planning ahead of time, I can choose things that both my prefrontal cortex and lizard brain would like (separate time blocks, or sometimes together).
F: Balanced
A: Spend time planning on several time horizons, make do goals, follow through. Plan intense action, relaxing times, and the emotions I want to experience.
R: I choose things that both my prefrontal cortex and my lizard brain can be satisfied with.

This model lines up pretty well! Still interested in your thoughts – thank you!