This is a mixed model. It is strange but I think I had “mixed” emotions doing this. I woke up with some plans to do (nothing pressing or pending) and my husband said, “I am doing this___ do you want to go?” So I decided to be spontaneous and go with him. It is funny that It almost felt like I could not request things for me to do in the morning all because he said he was headed out and had his list. It was not like he said you can’t do the things I wanted or needed to do and I did do some things that I wanted or needed to do. I did somethings I would have rather not do (what he wanted to do) but was feeling unconditional love for him.

C Doing spontaneous things this morning with husband
T It feels a bit selfish or should be doing ________ producing something
F misbehaving selfish
A Agreed with my husband to go do something this morning with him. Went with the flow.
Ate a donut that I really did not want to eat. My body hated the results. Took an antacid. Did mostly the errands my husband wanted to do. Thought of a few things I could do. Did some of them and decided to not do some of them. Sang and also had great conversation in the car riding both ways.
R Starting to feel better about being able to do things spontaneously and unconditionally Love my husband