Sports Performance Question

I love playing tennis and it has been my outlet the past few years. I had a match about 9 months ago where I double-faulted (couldn’t get my serve in) and since then, lost some confidence in my serve and service motion. Like most things, I overthink and I make it hard. Here is my unintentional model and I would love help with my intentional one:
C: The tennis ball landed outside the service box
T: I can’t serve any more
F: Anxious
A: Muscles get tight, get out of rhythm and overthink components of serve instead of where I want the ball to go, so then not loose enough to serve well.
R: The tennis ball goes outside the service box.

Intentional Model
C: The tennis ball goes outside the service box.
T: ??? (I can do this or I know how to serve hasn’t worked for me)
F: Confident and calm
A: Hit loosely, plan where serve goes and just try to hit it there, have fun serving
P: Happy with service motion even if ball goes outside of service box.