Spotlight on Procrastination & it’s getting worse (or more unbearable)

Hi Brooke
New to SCS in April, joined specifically for Overeating but mostly because of how much I love your self-coaching tool (as an ICF PCC certified coach and well on my way to MCC 2000 hours – I am utterly blown away by the simplicity and applicability of your work)… Anyway, I have always had a tendency to procrastinate, made worse (and definitely better too) by following Martha Beck’s North Star work – stop doing what doesn’t feel good. So, yes, I’ve created a wonderful life through this work but there are still these pockets of resistance which always bring up “I don’t feel like it”. It’s mostly work I’ve committed to that I don’t feel like doing when the time comes around to doing it – but at the time of my commitment, I did want to do it!

So, while I am getting stuff done, it’s not enjoyable and actually excruciating – I am having an ongoing fight in my head that I would like to end forever. I’ve done a few models on this, especially around changing “it’s excruciating” but nothing helps at that very moment on the clock as it arrives and I have to choose open that file or do something else. Some days I do the work, others I don’t… I love that you say, the commitment is non-negotiable but despite this am still managing to fight it and I hate the experience of either doing it or procrastinating it. Does this “I don’t feel like it” feeling every actually go away – ie it’s my own thinking? Or is it always there as my sign that I’m in an evolving moment and it’s this discomfort that I could be working with? I do really want procrastination to be over forever…
Thanks hugely for this great programme – all in, here in Africa