Spouse on different page.

What do we do, or is it still possible to have all the blessings of being and feeling abundant if our spouse isn’t on the same page? I want to expand our business. We just started it this summer and made $17k!!! He is a teacher so he is busy now teaching. I want to do everything needed, but we will need to take out a loan and he isn’t willing to do that. He wants to do our business a few more years and “make sure it doesn’t flop.” Will my effort and determination and positive thoughts be enough? Will his negativity cancel my positivity out? And how/what do I do about the loan. I’m not gonna take one out without him, but I know we can’t expand without one and I know it’s a great business and will not only help us financially, but many others also!!! It could be such a huge blessing and I don’t want to wait.