What to do when spouse isn’t on the same page?

Since listening to this podcast and becoming a member, I have become a different person. I love it and my husband loves it. He is a teacher and we have 3 small kids that I stay home with. Needless to say, we aren’t “rolling in the dough.” He is the best teacher in world, this is his third year and he has had offers from parents to work only for them as a private teacher working with their kids. He has sad no to this and many other more lucrative offers because he loves his job and working with as many students as he can. I’m fine with that. I have always been fine with that, but not fine with staying.

So he is happy with where we are. I want more. Since scholars, I found a job where I work in the morning before he goes to school so I am bringing in an extra $1000. He wants me to quit scholars. He thinks we could use the money on something else and that the podcasts are enough and I can do it myself now. I don’t want to. I have been able to convince him that I need the December stuff because YAAAYYY WHO DOESNT!? but after that he expects me to quit. What do I do? How do I get him to back off and let me do this?? Any time any money is brought up he always brings up scs. What do I do? I listened to Jody’s bold new mom podcast where she talked about staying out of peoples business, but I feel like this is both of our business, it’s OUR money, so he has a say in it, but I don’t like what he has to say! What do I do?