Sress related health problem

I have a health problem for the last 9 years and I could never figure out what was causing it. It felt mysterious because all the symptoms would disappear when I was on vacation and then come back when I got home.
I always thought I loved my life and my business. But finally this week, I got a diagnosis, and while not life-threatening, if I don’t manage it could be.
The cause is stress. Which is good news because I can control my stress levels. ..but its also going to involve big changes.

Then I was thinking, on the last vacation, a year ago, like usually, my symptoms went away. However, in hindsight I was stressed because the airline lost my luggage and we were moving to another location and I won’t bore you with the details but it was upsetting and stressful. But the really interesting thing was even though I was stressed I had no symptoms.

Which made me realize my symptoms are related to a certain type of stress, which is I think I have to keep people happy. In regular life (not on holiday) every time I get an email, I think I am in trouble, that I have done something wrong, And that is what is causing the symptoms. Yesterday I noticed there were 4 things that happened in the day, where I got scared and felt under attack. Even though I wasn’t, it’s just how I felt.
My mind knows in theory I can’t please everyone. but my body doesn’t.

How can I change this?

Thank you!