Staggering realization

So…I had a thought.
That everybody else’s thoughts are meaningless.
Their thoughts don’t matter.

What maters is what I think about the circumstances – the circumstance are the words they say.
But ultimately I have no idea what they are thinking.

I could ask them about their thinking, but for the most part and in most interactions that won’t happen. I’ll never know what their models are. And that is not necessary to know or understand to have my version of a successful life.

Am I accurate?

If so, I’m noticing a huge void. I think I put a ton of effort into understanding people.
What they really meant by what they said.

Now that I’m sitting with the thought that other people’s thoughts don’t actually matter, it gives me a ton of space to actually create what DOES MATTER!

This is a bit mind blowing.

There is more….

People matter. And yes their thoughts matter to them. But in terms of my own mental creation, alignment, and just being in the world, what matters is my own brain and how it functions.

I’m thinking I am missing something here, but also feel that I’m on the right track. Feedback?