Standing For Yourself And Others

I need some perspective. My husband and his family are very religious and conservative. I came from a similar background but am realizing more and more that I don’t want a lot of the beliefs that are shared in their culture. I feel so resistant to the way they are and easily offended when I disagree so strongly with their racism and sexism and other beliefs. That said, there are also so many great things about them and they’ve been very kind to me. I know my beliefs are heading in a direction that is very controversial in our culture and that I will be disapproved by many. I feel like I am doing to them what I think they will do to me. I want to find a way to stand in my owns beliefs without being against theirs. How can I live a peaceful life among people that I feel so different from? How can I support who they are and love them unconditionally while also standing strong in who I am? It feels all messy in my head and I just need help seeing my thoughts more clearly. Thank you.