Staring new job as not a mere people pleaser

I am starting a new job tomorrow and I have realised (thanks to scholars) that I am a bit of a people pleaser. I am always thinking how I should come across to different people and groups, and then adapt myself accordingly. Whilst this has served me quite well until now, I also sometimes feel I am not being true to myself and to some I may come across as weak or insipid (or at least this is sometimes how I feel) as I don’t tend to rock the boat too much (particularly in work).

I would like to work on this so I can become more comfortable being me and not always adapting to people and situations. Although when I say this I also question if I really know what I stand for / who I am…… I think there would be some work to do on this also. I would also like to consciously decide to come across as more confident, forceful with my opinions etc. I am an introvert.

Can you please give any help on where I could maybe start with this work, and what areas to concentrate on going forward? I am quite new to scholars.  Thank you in advance.