Where to start with a new model – coaching business and niche market.

Hi Brooke, I have a full time job as a HR Director but set up a coaching business alongside this and want (will) transition out of the corporate world to coaching by Spring next year (at least that is my goal). I have had one client and they have been well paying and extremely good to work with. They were a referral however and sort of landed on my lap so i’ve never had to get new business though marketing and work. The coaching with this organisation is coming to an end now with the two individuals and I’ve decided to commit and pull my finger out. It is time to take it seriously if I’m to really make it happen. I’ve done models on my mindset and self-belief about my skills and ability to be a successful entrepreneur and that has really helped. I’ve got out there on social media and i’m raising my profile, building my ‘tribe’ and connecting with people. Where I’m struggling and what has caused me the most angst is committing to a target audience and a specific offer. I’ve listend to your podcast series on becoming a Life Coach and realise you can’t stress this enough but i’ still not doing it. My training and background is in corporate coaching with the traditional GROW model etc. but this isn’t really what gets me excited. I love the life coaching and have found that even with the corporate client that I’ve had, after a few sessions I move them onto more of the life coaching material and that is where I come alive. I really want to pursue the life coaching but wonder if I can do that alongside attracting and keeping one or two of the corporate clients / organisations? I’m not trained as a life coach but have successfully developed my own style of coaching that bridges the gap between the traditional leadership coaching and what I know and have experienced with life coaching. I’ve set my first goal of £100k in the first year (between now and next July) and have mapped this out in terms of new clients and coaching time each month but that is based on the rates i’m charging the current corporate client. I’ve tried to model why I don’t want to pursue the corporate coaching route so much and a big part of it for me is confidence I think around how good I am?! I’ve had a successful career and know I’m a a good coach but something holds me back. Nothing holds me back with the life coaching discussions though and although i’ve never had a paying client for life coaching I really come alive when I share ideas, tips, write blogs etc… I took the decision to stop overthinking it and just start – which I have done – but worry not having my niche really nailed down will trip me up and my efforts won’t reap the rewards i’m hoping for. I would be grateful for your thoughts on how I can work through this and where to start with a new model! Thanks so much