Starting a Business – Lacking Ideas

Hi Brooke,

A couple years ago after some career coaching and soul searching, I decided that my calling in life is to start my own business. I work a high powered tech job in silicon valley currently that takes about all of my time and energy. I’m exhausted from my job and don’t love what I do. I’ve hoped over the past couple years in the job that I would be able to spark the perfect idea for a business that I could get going on creating while still at my job. This way, I could quit my job once the business was at least underway before cutting my access to all funds from my salary.

Due to being constantly overwhelmed by my job that I don’t enjoy, I feel a lack of enthusiasm and energy for life at the moment, and am lacking the time and energy to create creative ideas! I go out with friends less and less and work more and more to try to get ahead (to create some open time) but the more I work, the more work is created at my job for me to do. And the more I hate all of it and feel stuck.

I’m a really creative person by nature…I studied art and music in college. I’ve started side gigs in my lifetime and been successful. If being an entrepreneur is my calling, why is the inspiration not coming to me? And what can I do to inspire ideas so that i can get going with the next crucial chapter of my life.

Thanks so much!