Starting All Over Again

I would like to share an unexpected self-development realization I had yesterday:

I am a scholar for over six months and was able to lose 30 pounds with the stop overeating workshop. For some reason, the thoughts that were available to me six months ago, afforded me to create a protocol and follow it painlessly.
When the results started to show and I would get asked, ‘Wow! How did you do that?’ I would see myself answering with, ‘You just stop eating flour and sugar.’

With that answer came an inner subtle judgment, where I no longer saw myself as one of those who haven’t figured that out yet. And while I felt for them, I saw myself free for good from their sufferings.

And here came new circumstances to my life. And in came new thoughts, and my brain sought that ‘berry tree’ we used to go to each time we believed we are in stress. And so I found myself gaining 20 pounds over a month of binge eating.

And all that month I was wiser than before, because I now knew what my brain is doing and why it’s doing it, but I was still unable to create no desire for those foods and I was still unable to create desire for my protocol, and I was still just a human, trying to figure my stress out, failing, and hopefully, failing better.

I woke up this morning with all the cravings and urges to overeat, and yet, with also a humbling realization that I am not better than anyone else who hasn’t figured it out yet. We’re all just trying our best.