Starting “Believing New Things”

I’m starting “Believing New Things” this month, and I have a few questions.

Positive thought download:

1. In the daily positive thought download, am I supposed to only write down thoughts related to the thought I would like to believe? Or any positive thoughts?
2. Should it be thoughts I currently believe or thoughts I would like to believe? Or a mix?
3. Is the thought I’m trying to believe in that download?

The New thought:

In the example, Brooke uses an income goal. I’ve used an income goal before (before I was introduced to the model), and for the last few years, I’ve been stuck at an energetic income level.

But, I think one of the big drivers is that no matter what I’ve achieved I haven’t really felt safe with the money that I’ve had. I still hoard money and act scarce with it. It feels like this is the belief underneath it all that is begging for an upgrade.

I’m thinking it would be better to use a belief like “I’m safe with what I have” or “there will always be enough.”

But in contrast to an income goal that is really specific, these thoughts feel kind of vague and therefore harder to fully embrace/embody/visualize.