Starting my day in a better place

I have waking up in a little bit of a funk lately.

Last month I was working through “believing new things“ and the daily journaling exercise was really helpful, made me feel like I was making progress in my SCS journey, and help put me in a good mood for the day.

I’ve been having unsettling dreams lately (pregnancy hormones.)

I’ve tried to do daily downloads and an intentional model every day but I found that

1) It’s been harder for me to start my day in a better place

2) I’m working through some negative beliefs I have about my marketing abilities in my business. I was advised to create a goal and then list the obstacles, and work through it in a “getting it done“ kind of way. But, I’m getting stuck on knowing what my goal should be since my business is at a complex moment, and the exercise doesn’t seem to lend itself to a daily practice in the same way that I found “believing new things“ to be which tends to be a better way for me to operate.

Looking for some advice and help on how I may adjust and address.