Starting SCS over

Hey Brooke,

I’ve been a scholar for 6 mos, joined in January, which if you’re new and reading this it goes by fast, do the the daily work you’re future self will thank you!

I’ve made small changes and I can tell I react less and am more sure of myself than before. It’s Sunday and I’ve spent most the day reevaluating what my goals are and realizing I’ve accomplished really none of them. I joined initially, and according to my journal entry right before signing up, to use this program to finally get my business going.

That hasn’t happened, not even close. I’ve done a few thought downloads and I can see I’m repeating the same thoughts I had in January, mostly a lot of I don’t knows and I don’t have what it takes. I can tell I did everything you said not to do in that first coaching call around overwhelm and focusing on one goal. The last 6 mos have been diluted by trying to improve my thoughts around relationships, money, buffering, mostly not having a clear daily plan to build my business or work on the thoughts specifically around it.

So I’m re answering the questions from the Jan Podcast Compelling reason episode and that has been very helpful. My main thoughts/models are:

C: Build Business
T: I don’t know where to start
F: confused
A: spin more confusing i don’t know thoughts
R: No action taken, no progress on starting

C: build business
T: I have programs like B-school that will guide me
F: clear
A: commit to doing B-school start to finish
R: have skills/knowledge to build a business

In my mind I’m judging this saying Brooke would think this is too passive, going through the modules of B-school. I should be taking massive action, just getting out there and getting clients. I am on to myself that doing B-school modules is within my comfort zone and I can put off getting clients. But I have a strong belief that I don’t have the skills or knowledge to efficiently and effectively get clients because I haven’t finished any of the business programs I’ve invested in.

Doing B-school feels like a bridge thought if that makes since. I bought the program but never finished it and I’m wondering if I can stair step developing the skill of being committed to my business. Showing myself that I can 100% start and finish a program + do all the homework + develop new skills. But I wonder your thoughts, is there more work I should be doing around this before going forward?


P.S. I know I have had wins in SCS here’s my what was great about yesterday: I texted 3 friends, separately, to invite them to do something and not a single one texted me back. In the past I would have made it mean something was wrong with me but that never came up, I know in my core that it had nothing to do with me. So freeing and I still want them as friends:)