Starting to blow my own mind

I have been practicing the thought that “I can get to 118lbs easily and be more healthy than ever”.

The biggest change I’ve made is before I step on the scale, I tell my brain what to think. I start repeating it before I step on the scale, while I am on it, and after.

I repeat “this number doesn’t mean anything” or “this is neither good nor bad” or “this number is neutral” or “this is the mass of my physical human body”.

Today I stepped on the scale and I have hit a number that I haven’t seen in several years. And when I woke up this morning, I was having negative body thoughts about how I was “going to have a higher number on the scale”. I really did just repeat my new thoughts over and over in my brain, and there it was. 128.6. I previously had a thought that I couldn’t get below 130 without engaging in disordered eating patterns. Well, I now have collected evidence that this is NOT true at all.

Mind. Blown. I feel proud of myself.