Starting to Blow My Own Mind!

This work is so amazing! Thank you, Brooke, for putting it into the world! This is my 3rd month in Scholars, and the daily self-coaching is becoming so powerful. Sometimes I think I don’t have any thoughts to download, and then a tiny little thing will appear, and BOOM- that’s THE thing.

Yesterday’s model produced action that made me feel happy, and empowered, instead of people pleasing. Here it is:
C: Friends from long ago coming to visit
T: I’m not excited, I feel pressured to host and entertain and feed them and make everything perfect.
F: Resentful
A: Do things out of duty, don’t relax, overgive.
R: Don’t have fun

C: Same
T: I can set boundaries that make me comfortable (I repeated this over and over all day)
F: Centered, welcoming
A: Ask gently for them to find lodging so everyone will be more comfortable( they had already offered, and I said “NO, Stay with us”)
R: Have fun with them!!
I’m astonished! And they were fine with the request! (Perhaps relieved?) I can do whatever I want, as long as I like my reason. Mind blown!