Staying angry

Hello Brooke thank you for helping gain the skills for my next big stepmin life. I am leaving my working life to start my travel and writing life at the end of this academic year and i am ising your course to improve my life skills to help me with the challenges of the next life that i have been successfully buffering this far with work.
My question is this. Why do i stay angry??
I have become much better at recognizing patterns of behaviour in others and finding them subsequentlybin myself and am working on solutions. I chose a feeling to work on on any given day. Like today i will jot get frustrated. Every time i feel this feeling i will do a model and change my thinking. Why do i find reasons to stay angry? What is it in me that wants to staynthis way? Long term ingrained pattern? Surriunded by anger in childhood si i think this is the jormal way to he?
Help please. Sx