Staying Focused on Target Market

Brooke, I have a life and wellness coaching practice. My target market is female government workers in my area with prediabetes and diabetes. When I speak to groups and talk to family and friends about the epidemic of prediabetes and diabetes and how to reverse them, they do not seem that interested in changing their lifestyle. Heaven forbid they should eliminate sugar. I even had one wellness coordinator eliminate that as a possible topic to present to employees. Thus, I am a bit discouraged about my practice and not feeling particularly inspired at the moment. So here is my thought work and would appreciate your thoughts.

C. I have a a coaching practice
T. People do not want to pay me to talk about reversing prediabetes and diabetes.
F. Discouraged
A. Waver on what to present and what topics to blog on.
R. Message does not get out. I don’t get paid. Coaching practice languishes.

C. I have a coaching practice.
T. People will pay me to talk about it if I convince them it will save the government money in insurance costs.
F. More inspired
A. Keep talking about it. Convince coordinators it will save them money.
R. Get more speaking engagements? Get paid to speak.

I am wondering if employees will even show up to the talks if they feel it doesn’t apply to them or they don’t want to change. Lots of people do not believe they have a problem….

Thanks for your help!