Staying in touch with some people

I struggle with the question whether my unwillingness to stay in touch with plenty of people serves me or not.
From one side, it is pointed out in many books and in interviews of famous businessmen that their large social network played almost the decisive role in their achievements. And without it they could not achieve anything.
On the other hand, I do not want to communicate with many people, so to say, “from my past”, because it’s not interesting for me or my thoughts during our conversations create many negative feelings. I just do not want to do a model and work on each of them.
Therefore, could you please advise whether my unwillingness could create any adverse implications for me, e.g. while the establishment of successful business. Should I make model and work on my thoughts related to each person or if it is convenient for me and do not create any negative emotions or troubles, I can simply leave them in the past and not creating any “large social networks”. I am also quite not sure, which amount of people in my life, social network should be treated as “enough”.