Staying Up Too Late #3

Hi Brooke!

I am working through the Podcast workbook (started the first one a week ago and just finished working through it this morning now that I feel I have more clarity on what my one thing is and what exactly it is I am wanting / needing to commit to. I have a question specifically related to timeframe (exercise #5 for podcast #146).

With a goal related to sleep – structuring my evenings and mastering my mornings while also meeting physical need for sleep – how do you recommend setting a timeframe? I feel like the way I’ve set up my model (see Staying Up Late #2)…if I’m doing that I’m doing what I’d be doing for my goal, but the difference is that I feel like when I’ve “reached” my goal, it is more unconscious – like it would be a part of me.

Something that identify with as the type of person I am. Something that feels more natural, that I want to do and just happens. It seems difficult to set a time frame on a “feeling.” Should I be thinking about timeframe in a different way? Or what do you suggest?

Thank you!!