Staying up late…

Hi – Would love insights on my model/situation. Situation is that I never go to bed early despite telling myself I will/should/want to. And the lack of sleep catches up with me (and keeps me from my goals and feeling really good). I almost always have the thought that I just don’t want to go to bed. The feeling from that is neutral, really, no great feeling at all (in the moment).. Just – “yeah; I don’t feel like it” (and I stay up doing stuff… not Netflix binge kind of stuff but reading or working). But it isn’t good for me in the long run to do this constantly and somehow I need to break the habit! Here are my models:

C: It is midnight
T: Crap, I stayed up late again working on a detail that is really not that important and I am going to be tired tomorrow and I won’t be really productive.
F: Frustration
A: sleep in / start work late /do not exercise/ overeat out of frustration for not having a productive day
R: feel like crap / get very little done

C: It is midnight
T: Well, I certainly do have a tendency to sit quietly and get lost in things I really do not need to do! Oh well, let it go! I will make tomorrow a good day even if tired!
F: Satisfied
A: get up at regular time/get exercise done / do my work as planned and produce as planned / nap if needed
R: got my exercise and was productive

Here is the problem. I do this over and over again and SOMETIMES I can get up and be productive (with little sleep) and sometimes I just can’t because I am too tired. Any suggestions for moving forward? Thank you!