Staying with a Model

I am new this month to scholars and I am exited about all there is to learn. I have been working on a Unintentional model C-Food and Wine, T-I am afraid I will fail again, so why start ( have lost 40 lbs and quite drinking for 3 yrs- but old habits have come back), F Anxious-sad- frustrated, A-non action and gathering more information to get started, R- I fail to begin. I have been really trying to believe a new model c- food and wine, T- I can fail and have success at the same time and see results, F- OK, A- Give it a try -one day at a time, its my choice! R- Begin
Although I haven’t taken all the massive action needed to see massive results, I feel I am making progress.

My Questions is? Do I try to stay with this model and put my focus on this new model (two weeks?) until I see results or it no longer serves me? I really want to figure out if I have a conflicting goal in my subconscious mind that is very adept at coming up with convenient excuses & rationalizations. Hey, I’ll start tomorrow and tomorrow never comes! ..I consuming to much and not creating.