Staying with discomfort.

Do you have any more advice on what to do with discomfort???? Seriously, it sometimes just feels like I can’t keep this up for much longer. I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE in my own skin and I’m exhausted trying to “allow it” and “sit with it”. The days I don’t overeat or drink the chatter goes on until I go to bed. It doesn’t stop. It’s a constant backwards and forwards in my head – drink, don’t drink, drink, don’t drink. I can’t trust myself – I am a different animal in the afternoon to the miserable one who wakes up every morning and can’t fit into clothes. Ultimately this IS “white-knuckling” it, surely, because I’m still making an effort not to do it (buffer) even if I’m allowing feelings and not trying to get rid of them. I allow the feeling – it feels shit – I keep on feeling shit. Then the afternoon comes, and I decide I don’t want to lose weight anyway, and let’s have a drink this evening. Then I feel GREAT. Then I have a drink, go to bed, wake up and feel…….shit.