Step daughter

My husband’s daughter does not want a relationship with me especially since her dad and I almost broke up 6 months ago. Today my husband is going to see her and immediately I feel the feeling of rejection. I want to have my own back. I want to feel loving thoughts. But I need a strong thought to practice. I have my own back is one thought. Or, I don’t need her to like me as I like myself. However, I have been processing the rejection and still, the initial feeling is rejection. I think deep down I think my husband needs to make this right but I can’t control that. I don’t have blue hair has worked for a bit but I really am fighting with reality. I can’t change this and it will be ok. I need some help with a strong thought to work on rejection. It is hard to be unconditional in love when you feel judged but I know I am judging as well. Help.