Step Parent Love for Child

We have a blended family. My step-daughter and I have always gotten along really well and we bonded easily. My daughter and husband not so much. He’s very hard on her. I feel like he picks on her, favors his daughter, and picks on my daughter for things that he let’s slide with my step-daughter. He says he loves my daughter very much. I don’t believe him. I don’t even think he likes her. I think he says he loves her because he’s afraid I’d leave if he admitted how he actually felt about her. He’s decent to her. Loving, no. I was doing a thought download and I asked myself this question: Why are you afraid to believe he loves her? and what came up for me was that I don’t want to be blind. I don’t want to allow him to hurt her feelings. I don’t want her to suffer additional trauma from going through a divorce at a young age (3) and then trauma from having an unloving stepfather. So then I hawk on everything he does to her. I’m hypercritical and protective of her which causes additional issues in our marriage, we disagree on discipline etc. please help