stepping into millionaire

So.. this one is interesting.
I have evidence that my thoughts are a key foundation to each result I experience.
My revenue this year is good, and I am on track to earning $1M this calendar year.
What is interesting is there are times when I create messes…and I can see why …. because I am thinking no one will like me.

So, I played with this model and this is where I am.
Please let me know your feedback.

C – Millionaire
T – no one will like me
F – disconnect from inner power
A – sabotoge
R – I just miss reaching the outcome.

C- Millionaire
T I step into me
F – Connected to myself
A – Doing each thing that I know I need to do, follow through, be accountable with my team mates,
R – Voila, I earn $1 M this year, and so I am connected to my inner power.