Stepping into the next version of ourselves

Hi Brooke!!!,

I have accomplished so much through SCS. I have lost 20 lbs and repaired my relationship with my husband, I have become better at time management and I definitely feel like I’m stepping up to the next chapter of my life.

So as I’m feeling like things are changing and moving forward, there is still so much to do deal with from the past, there is still consequences of the past. Specifically, we are looking for a new home and our credit score and payment history has put a stop to the neighborhood we want. Our finances, although they are getting better are still extremely tight. Sometimes this is really discouraging and I know it’s a thought “if I’m working so hard and accomplishing so much, why is this still happening?”. This usually knocks me off kilter momentarily, and I make it mean that I am still a screw up no matter what.

How do I keep moving forward when things like this come up? How can I change my thoughts around it? What are some good models to keep getting back up?