Stepping out of buffering with German

Hi coach,

I have been coaching myself around the willing to study German. I live in Germany but my native language is Spanish. I need to learn German and improve it in order to pass this exam that is a requirement for being able to stay here past June.

I don’t make time to study. I avoid studying. I don’t even go to German class. I am not making progress.

Why? I think that is maybe because I have already failed that exam once and it was devastating. I don’t want to put myself through that again, but I have to in order to live here. I feel like I just keep myself in procrastination and I am not moving forward.

Now I am late, and I don’t have as much time to study and I feel like I have other priorities right now (I commit in SCS to the double your income in 3 months program) that of course has nothing to do with my German studies. I don’t know how to manage my brain around this and actually get to study. I am starting to feel anxious.