Sticking to my commitments while abroad

Hi Brooke & Team,
I’m flying out on Monday to first do a weeklong solo walking tour along the Rhine River in Germany and then after that I will be running a software conference in Berlin.

I am excited, a bit anxious and a whole lot of other feelings, so I’ve planned out a few thoughts ahead of time that I am going to pack along with me in my backpack. I just wanted to share them here because I know it will help me stick with them.

Here goes…
–I am going to have a fabulous time on this journey
–I am going to feel my feelings as they come up and they will all be welcomed with open arms. Joy is OK, Loneliness is OK, anxiety is OK, etc.
–I am going to eat on protocol and plan my food in advance
–I am not going to drink alcohol (even though I will consistently tell myself that wine is specialty in that area and I should TOTALLY try it)
–I am not going to be stressed or in a hurry. Everything will happen as it needs to happen
–Everyone at home will be fine and they can take care of themselves without me
–I am going to run an amazing conference
–I will not gain weight on this trip because I am at my goal weight and very happy to be there

OK, whew. I can do this. This is going to be a great journey and I’m going to come home more self-confident than ever.

Thanks for the support! Lynn