Am I sticking my head in the sand or prioritizing myself?

I work in consulting for venture capital/private equity firms. With technology, clients and colleagues have come to expect accessibility to me 24×7. Through my work in scholars, I realized that part of my willingness to be available all of the time had to do with my people-pleasing nature. Lately, I have been turning off my work email on my phone in the evenings and over the weekend. That way, I don’t see that someone has sent me a message. If it is truly an emergency they can call me. Am I putting my head in the sand/avoiding dealing with inbound emails or am I putting in place a strategy for dealing with obstacles.

C – Inbound emails after hours from boss and clients
T – I create significant value for my firm and clients during working hours; it is okay not to read emails after work or on weekends.
F – Confident, calm
A – Turn off email exchange at 5pm on Friday
R – Able to focus on my dreams and the present moment, without compulsively checking my phone; double down during working hours.