Sticking to Food Protocol While on Vacation

I started writing down my food protocol & eliminating sugar / flour. Everything was going really well, and I noticed I wasn’t even having many urges. I felt confident that I could continue to stick to my protocol (without having to specifically write everything down the night before). However, things fell apart when I went on vacation, and I’m struggling with finding a balance between being very firm with my protocol, and allowing myself some flexibility while on vacation. My main issue is that I find it hard to plan the specifics of my meals the night before, when it’s hard to know exactly what will be available to me the next day. This is also tricky when going to someone else’s house for dinner. Do I simply commit to eating as closely to my protocol as possible, without listing the specifics? I found this ends up being a slippery slope, and I fall further & further off protocol as the days go by. Any advice on how to balance a food protocol when you don’t have 100% control over what will be available?