Sticking to the protocol

Hi, Brooke!
This is my second month in scholars. I have decided to focus on my weight loss. I have decided on my protocol, which is quite simple:
– three meals a day, no snacking in between;
– twice a week I fast during either the breakfast or dinner;
– no sugar, no flour;
– exceptions once a week, planned 24h ahead.

Every morning I wake up with total determination to follow through with my protocol. Every evening I screw it up, either when preparing my kids meal around 6pm or after 8pm, when the kids have gone down.

If thinking back what caused it, I can pin point some thoughts – like “I deserve a treat” “I’ve been good the whole day” ,”one slip does not matter”. But I can’t stop myself before indulging in my usual behaviour. Please advise what I am doing wrong, why I am not able to stick to my decisions.

Many thanks!