Sticking Up For Yourself

Hi Brooke! As I was completing the boundary podcast homework, I was thinking about the concept of “sticking up for yourself” and how that relates to children. I am a teacher in an elementary building and have used that phrase with students. I have told students that they have a voice and to “stick up for themselves ” on the playground, i.e., you get to play what ever game you want and do not have to follow the crowd if you don’t want to. And, say”No! Stick up for yourself, you are in charge of you!” I say this to my own kids (ages 17, 15, 9) all the time – to stick up an advocate for their needs. I, as an adult, never find the need to do that. I tend to leave if I don’t like how people are acting and don’t find that I have any “adult bullies”. So, my question is, is there someone else I should be saying to these kids so they learn and how to create physical and emotional boundaries with the kids and adults in their lives? After doing the boundary work yesterday, I feel like I need to alter the message/lesson to the children I work with. Thank you so much! You are the BEST!!