Sticking with Stop Overeating Protocol

I’ve listened to all of the Stop Overeating modules, and read the “If I’m so smart” book. I’ve made a protocol, played with using the urge jar, and have made it a few days with no sugar/no flour. My challenge – I make it a few days on plan and then I fall off. At some point, I say “eff it” and “I’ll start tomorrow. I think I’ve written out a protocol for a Monday am Day 1, while ordering a pizza on Sunday night 🙂

When I identify my thoughts and beliefs around this- it’s that I don’t believe I can stick with anything; I always fall off the wagon; I’m going to quit it’s just a matter of time, etc. These thoughts feel so deeply seeded, and then every time I fail, I add these instances as evidence. Any counsel on how to get back (and stay) on track? A friend of mine suggested OA, but I’ve never connected to 12-step. I went to a food meeting and it just felt so low, and not action oriented. I really like your Stop Overeating and principles around managing hunger and desire. Let me know what you think, and thank you!