still another two questions about March’s homework then

Ok. Now I get that we are supposed to write the positive thoughts that we want to be thinking throughout the day. I have an issue with this…..I have a terrible time waking up. I get up at the last minute, run out of the house semi-conscious and then start work. I am a total night person. Knowing myself, I know that I will simply not get up to do this work in the morning. January’s and February’s homework I also did at night right before I went to bed – for instance instead of writing down what I wanted to accomplish that day, I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish the next day. Is there any point to doing the homework in the morning versus the night? Hopefully doing it at night is just fine because that’s what I intend to keep doing….

Wouldn’t it also help to write at the end of the day all the good things we experienced/thought throughout the day to start to notice more of the good things in our lives instead of focusing on the negative things? Like a gratitude journal, which I have heard other coaches suggest doing and I actually did a while back (well and have been doing now instead of what I was supposed to be doing).