Still in August class

Hi Brooke, I have a quick question about the monthly classes. I loved August and actually i’m still using the August material – I feel there is still so much for me to do in terms of my purpose. I use the daily homework each morning still and find it helps me focus and then plan out my day. I think with having a long holiday in August I missed a lot of the calls towards the middle/end of the month so wanted to catch up on these. I have all the September materials ready to go but not sure if I should now dive in to those and leave the August work or could I continue with the daily homework form August AND the September work. I’m also in the midst of building my own coaching business so desperate to start the Entrepreneur work too but haven’t even delved into that yet as i’ve got some big deadlines for an online course and getting my website up and running this week (which i’ve used a model on and have done the prep work you outlined in the September intro video- ah, so I have started!) ah ha! Hmm, now I’m typing I wonder if I need a model?

C – September class is ready
T – I’m not ready – I’m still doing the August work
F – Overwhelm – I’m behind.
R – Indecision

C – September class is read
T – Brilliant, I have some new material to start when i’m ready.
F – Calm.
A – Schedule time to start the September work
R – I nail the September class!