Still bingeing follow up

I went back and traced my thoughts the day i had the binge….interestingly it was the end of the day on Christmas and i had just got back from being with my extended family. I normally do a thought download every morning but i didnt that day because i woke up christmas morning at my fathers house and there were alot of people around(i had my own room,i could have) and i was distracted. When i think back to some of my thoughts that day, they were thoughts like “no one notices i lost weight” “no one cares about me” “no one listens to me” “no one likes me”……yikes no wonder i binged when i got home…..i felt like i didnt matter. If i had done the thought download in the morning like I normally do i would not have binged because i would have changed my thoughts….The last time i binged was also a “special occasion” except it was a funeral…..i see a pattern now of how i decide there are special occasions i do not need to do a thought download or model on that day and in actuality THOSE are the days i need to do it the most….high intensity emotional days….omg…just made a great connection! Thank you Brooke!